As a coach, you are on the front line for the care and well being of the players while they are in you care. Below are guidelines for providing a safe environment for you players.

City of Hamilton Zero Tolerance Policy 

West Mountain Baseball abides by the City of Hamilton Zero Tolerance Policy.  Please treat the players, coaches, umpires, volunteers and WMBA staff with respect.

Lightning Guidelines 

When thunder roars, GO INDOORS!

If you can hear thunder, you can get hit by lightning. Take shelter immediately. If you cannot find a sturdy, fully enclosed building with wiring and plumbing, get into a metal-roofed vehicle. Stay inside for 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder.

West Mountain does not have a safe shelter. Once a game is called for thunder/lightning, the game is finished and will be rescheduled if possible. For the safety of you and your player(s), please leave the park immediately.

Concussion Awareness

Concussion related issues are increasing and risking the future health of our players. Players, parents and coaches need to be aware of the dangers of playing with a possible concussion.

Rowan’s Law

Care for players 10 and under

Care for players 11 to 14

Care for players 15 and up

Heat Exhaustion/Heat Stroke

WMBA will not cancel baseball games due to the heat.  It is up to the individual player’s parent(s) to make this decision. If you feel that it is too hot for your child to play, please contact your coach to let them know. If you do decide to play, remember to bring lots of water to the game and keep hydrated.

Police Vulnerable Sector Check

As of 2016, any adult volunteering in our organization to work with our players in any capacity must be willing to obtain a “Police Vulnerable Sector Check” form.  This is required bi-annually and is for the protection of our players. We are only concerned with baseball coaching and youth related items.

No Smoking

Effective May 31, 2012 – All Hamilton Recreation Facilities are smoke free. This includes parks, pathways and parking lots.